Computer Security Is Important in 2015



Technology can be deem very useful or destructive especially when it comes to laptops and computers. You are granted quick and easy access to online banking, online courses, online shopping and so much more. On the other hand that which provide such ease can be manipulated to grant access to our personal information to the wrong persons. In this day and age hacking is being taught, allowing this computer age to require proper protection and security of our devices. Whether your laptop cost a few thousand dollars or even one of the best laptops under 500 bucks, the fact remains that your system isn’t safe from the increasing threat of hackers that plague computer security.


Hackers these days aren’t kids but actual growth adults that are making a living from the information and identities that they steal from unsuspected innocent and law abiding individuals. The scary part is that the information and data stolen are sold to persons that use those information for more harm and most times get away with this cybercrime. For the best protection from this form is preventing the act from occurring.


This leads us to acknowledge the benefits have computer security, which will undoubtedly plays a large role in today’s defense against hackers. Not much is required for ensuring that your laptop is un-hack able, even though installing the right software and a little common sense does go a long way in helping with that process.


  1. Having the right Anti-virus on your laptop does help a lot. An anti-virus software basically prevents the downloading and installation of a harmful software from running on your system that could easy give hackers access to your machine. The internet is the breeding ground for virus, worms, spywares and much more malicious codes. As such installing the right anti-virus is important and that is exactly why we recommend AVG 2015 or higher.


  1. An important advice would be to not store sensitive information on your laptop. Because once your laptop gets infected that information is unsecured and is at the mercy of the intruder. Not having anything valuable on your machine is one of the best defense against hackers. But beware, your full name, social security numbers, credit card and so on are very useful information, so try as little as possible to have those information store on your computer.


  1. You can still have a great anti-virus and still get infect, simply because you might denied the anti-virus of scanning certain files types or even ignore its pop up warnings. So, never just open a file from anyone especially from emails, and scan all files download from the internet. You will never know what way the hacker will try to attack your system.


  1. Having a great firewall is key to preventing your system from being taking over by hackers. A firewall basically checks all data going to and from your computer to ensure that they meets certain security requirements. This means no unauthorized information is requested and sent outside the computer.


  1. Again beware of messages in your email. Spammers will send out emails will links asking you to check on it, and will just a click you can be downloading a malicious code without knowing. This is not to scare you but before of emails that looks like they are coming from your bank, so pay special attention to these email and delete them if unsure or call your bank to find out more. Never be too quick to enter your credit card information when buying stuff online because there is a great deal going on. Stick to trusted websites and even use PayPal as well if possible, it protects your credit card information from websites but still allowing you to conduct business.


Knowledge if use the right way can be our best protection from cyber-crime. This article was made possible Corna Shop Laptops, please continue to support us, if you have any questions or concern visit our website and contact us, we would like to hear from you. We do hope you found this Computer Security Is Important in 2015 to be helpful and it was an eye opener for you. And just remember that once you put into practice what you have learned here you will be on the right track. Also with the growing need for laptops it is always a good idea to continue searching for information on securing your device and information.


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